Flower came to us and was such a good girl from the start. Despite being very sick, she had a very gentle spirit. Flower came to DLRR from a shelter after being put on the e-list for being too sick to treat. She had a horrible upper respiratory infection and numerous areas of alopecia with severe and chronic skin infections. Flower also had severe ear infections in both ears. The vet could not visualize most of the ear canal due to edema and thickened tissue. The skin was affected just about everywhere, and Flower was hacking and having a hard time breathing through her nose.

The first week in her foster home, Flower followed her foster Mom everywhere she went and laid at her feet when she sat down. She slept so much in the beginning as though she had not been able to sleep peacefully in a long while. Once the medication started working, her personality started to show. She is VERY puppy! She absolutely loves to fetch and could play for hours. And of course, she loves toys. She has finally learned how to be a loving puppy.

Medical Costs to Date: $1,270