Elvis is one of the sweetest pups we have had the privilege of fostering. He first pulled at our heartstrings when we saw that this sweet pup had been “homeless” for two months before he was rescued by DLRR. He was turned in by his owners to the Humane Society for problem urination and for being overly excitable. Once DLRR stepped in, his journey to a new life began. While he waited patiently until a foster home was available, work began on tackling his medical problems. His problem urination was easily rectified, as he had a urinary tract infection; however, other medical issues ensued. He was underweight, had chronic inflammation, constant anxious energy and, while most were resolved, he continued to have an elevated white blood count. For over two months, he had multiple blood tests and x-rays, but a trip to a specialist found no underlying issues and he was finally ready to find his forever home. Despite all these setbacks, Elvis is a happy-go-lucky pup with a sweet and very curious disposition. He loves his stuffed animals and loves to walk, play, and swim.

UPDATE: Elvis found his furrever home in November!

Medical Costs: $1,351