Charlie is a loyal, intelligent dog who came to us after his owner went into a long-term care facility. His owner’s son didn’t want Charlie and was going to euthanize him, but Charlie wanted another chance. He may have been old, gray, and neglected, but he wasn’t ready to die. Once his big, sad eyes looked up at me, I knew I had to help. Charlie arrived at my house and we went right to work. He was overweight, his rear hips and legs had atrophied from neglect, his ears were infected, his teeth and gums were bad, and he could barely stand. It took time, but with DLRR’s help, we managed to turn life around for this sweet old man. With trial and error, we found the right medicine to help him walk again and regain his strength. His ear infection has been treated and dental surgery has helped, too. Today, Charlie is my loving and faithful companion. He enjoys simple things, like going for walks, getting pets, and just sitting on the porch watching out for the neighborhood. If Charlie could speak, he would tell me that being old and neglected is not a disease or a crime or deserving death. Sometimes all we need is a little kindness to get through the day.

UPDATE: Charlie has been with his loving, forever family since November! There really was a happy Thanksgiving for this senior boy!

Medical Costs: $2,823