Angel was only three months old when she was found on the side of the road with road rash and a severely injured hip. It is believed that Angel had been dumped and hit by a car. She was taken to Maricopa County Animal Care & Control where they treated her immediate injuries. This sweet angel couldn’t keep weight on her back legs, which were also splayed. MCACC reached out to a rescue to help her recover and care for her injured hip.

DLRR stepped in, and Angel went into a foster home where she had a warm bed, food, attention, and most of all love. In her foster home, she showed what a complete love bug she was, and she was always ready for a good belly rub and cuddles. DLRR arranged her to be seen at Animal Specialty Group by orthopedic specialist, Dr. Ross Lirtzman. X-rays showed that her left hip was a complete mess and was basically floating. There was damage to the femoral head and the neck was basically gone. Although she experienced pretty severe trauma, Angel was a happy-go-lucky puppy and wasn’t letting the injury get in the way of her play. Dr. Lirtzman determined that she needed to grow, and he would look at the hip again when she was closer to a year old to decide next steps.

Angel was spayed and adopted to a wonderful couple who love her despite her wobbly back end. DLRR committed to her adopters to have Angel see Dr. Lirtzman again when she was closer to a year old and assist with expenses based on his recommendation. Angel celebrated her one-year birthday and saw the doctor recently. Hip surgery is in her future in early 2020, and DLRR is living up to its promise to help fund the surgery. The surgery could cost up to $9,000; however, this sweet Angel is worth every penny! She already has the best life ever thanks to her new family and the care of her loving foster family. With this surgery, she will have no limitations to living an even fuller life that allows her to run with the best of them. Thank you for supporting Angel with her Christmas gift of no more pain and endless puppy play!

Medical Cost to Date: $2,066